Always Here for You: Your Ben's Friends Community

It’s been a long, tiring, frustrating year. And the holiday season isn’t always the easiest time for people.

If you are feeling lonely, or you just need to touch base and talk, please remember that your Ben’s Friends community is there for you. Although your community may be very quiet, the Ben’s Friends team will do our best to make sure that you will be able to make contact with someone from Ben’s Friends right through this holiday season.

Here’s what to do:

First: go to your Ben’s Friends community and start a discussion about what’s on your mind. Get started by clicking on the + in the blue circle, lower right of home page.

Then, at the bottom of your post, key in @ModSupport . That will alert the people at ModSupport that you have posted.

Before too long, you should hear from someone.

If you are really desperate and can’t wait for a response, please go to your community and click on “Crisis Help Line”, where there are links to professional helping organizations. (These links work without logging in.)

On behalf of Ben and everyone here at Ben’s Friends, best wishes to you and yours. Let’s hope for a warm and peaceful holiday, and many good things in the year to come.

All the best,


I wish I knew how to connect with people on this site…or anywhere. It is rough being alone in this.

Hi Tina! I’m not dealing with EDS, but I actually know quite a few people who are. You are definitely not alone when you come on here, and you’re probably not alone in your community either. I’ve actually found people with EDS when I’m out and about because they’re wearing silver ring splints! I just made a set of them for a friend of mine this summer actually.

In terms of connecting with people here, you can start a new discussion post. ModSupport is on here every day, so you’ll never be completely alone. I’ve actually been trying to steer my newly diagnosed friend here as a good support system. Because I know a number of people with EDS, I’m reasonably knowledgeable about it. Happy holidays, and keep coming back to talk with us.

Sharon from ModSupport