New Zebra needing the group

I hope I didn’t find this group too late, it feels rather… quiet.
I won’t bore with a lengthy into just yet - just wondering if the boards are still alive.
Please, let me know “Is There Anybody Out There?”

I’m still here. I’m kind of new too. I dont reply really fast yet, but I’m looking for some informative conversation. If you like, we could talk. I’ve found the facebook EDS groups to be more active though.

Hi there… The difference between FB and here is that we have our privacy. :wink:

Hellooooo. I pop In every Now and then when I get an email reminding me.
Hard to know where to begin I know… If you have any questions? Or want to shared?

Hi. Glad to know I’m not alone :slight_smile:

I don’t use facebook for anything other than messenger; just too much drama, fake posts & ads and increasing privacy concerns make it just not worth my energy. I realize I may be putting myself in a dark corner that way, but my mental energy is just as limited sometimes as my physical energy.

I also don’t tend to reply too quickly (guess I didn’t need to tell you that, huh) unless, of course, that is what is needed.

Thank you for replying to me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I’m still sorting what I need/want from a group at this time in my world. I was on facebook previously and am not anymore, with the exception of messenger. Like I explained to Cammiecat, the tonnage of drama, etc that exists there - even within a couple of “closed” groups I was involved in - just wasn’t worth the ever increasing draw on my mental energy. I could extrapolate more, but I have found my world more peaceful without it. Sure, it’s lonelier outside of my immediate family, and completely void in regards to life with dodgy health… and I realize that I do it to myself.

I’m tip-toeing in to the realm of support; who knows where it will lead to.