SI joint pain

One of the symptoms that is most bothersome for me, is SI joint dysfunction. It hurts all the time. I have suffered for 12 years and I still can’t find anything to help. I have tried going to chiropractor after chiropractor and I haven’t found anything that helps. I’ve also tried compression braces. It’s getting a lot worse as I age and I am concerned that I might have to start using a cane to walk in the next year or so if I don’t figure something out. It keeps me up at night, and I find no relief either standing or sitting. The only time I feel moderately okay is when I lie on my back with my legs curled up. It’s very hard to work as a pharmaceutical chemist when I can’t even stand at the hood for more than 15 minutes at a time. I am only 22 and I really like my career path, but I fear I may have to switch despite already going to school for the past 4 years. If anyone has any suggestions on what to do, please help me.

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Are you able to discuss the issue with the educational institution you attend. Some institutions are able to put processes in place to assist students, especially students with diagnosed medical conditions, to be able to complete their studies. It may well be worth investigating what options are available to you. They may have strategies they can adopt so that course material can be provided and minimise your need to attend classes or lectures. The campus you attend maybe able to obtain a subsidy to assist a student with a disability, so some are more than willing to assist if you ask.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thank you. I am working with my school but I am really interested in more pain management and ways to maybe reduce some of the trouble I have. I am registered with the office of disabilities, but personally, I don’t like to use those accommodations. I would like to live as normal of a life as possible. By posting this, I was hoping someone else might have struggled with SI joint pain in the past and could offer some helpful advice.

I had SI joint issues that caused pain down my right leg for 30 years. I did the SI belt, which helped. Then someone saw me in it and sent me to a PT that specializes in it. At the end of PT, my SI joints still wouldn’t stabilize. I had the option of surgery or trying prolotherapy. I tried prolotherapy and the pain that I had for 30 years went to mild and only if I sit for a long time. I highly recommend seeing if it helps you. This site talks about SI joint pain and why prolotherapy can help: