Supporting a toddler in childcare with EDS

I have a child in my toddler room with what mum thinks is EDS.
What fine and gross motor activities can I do to support the children to strengthen her muscles?

Welcome Rosie! It’s really wonderful that you’re looking for information and support for a child in your care. In the States, I would encourage you to talk to the parents about getting her evaluated for early intervention services. These can include physical therapy and occupational therapy. Is there anything similar available where you are?

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi Sharon
Mum has tried this but unfortunately they are saying she is too young and she is finding it so hard to get early intervention.

Hi there Rosie. How lovely that you are looking for things to help one of your charges. I’m Seenie, and I work with Sharon on the ModSupport team. Have you tried putting a post on the board asking whether anyone knows anything about exercises? There may be something you can adapt for the child after discussing it with Mum. This place is really quiet and it would be nice to stir up a bit of action.

As for finding resources in Australia, we have a member of this team who is down under. He knows a lot about health care resources, although this is a specialty area that may be beyond his expertise. We’ll ask him, though.

All the best to you. We’ll be looking for your post.


PS if you post on the board, can you let ModSupport know? We’d be interested in seeing whether you can shake a response out of them. If you do, I’m betting there will be something good for you.

@rosie I’ve sent you a private message from one of our ModSupport Team.