Tattoos and healing

I had a question. A young friend of mine with EDS just got his first tattoo, a small one, due to concerns about healing. A mom friend of mine with EDS has lots of tattoos, and seems to heal just fine from them. So I’m wondering if people have feedback here as to how they heal from tattoos, and whether there are any concerns related to EDS. Thanks.


I have 4 tattoos, and haven’t had any problems healing them, the only thing that I have had problems with is my skin is so stretchy that it can be hard to get a clean line, and t
There are some difficult places to get a tattoo because of this. I had one done on my hip and the lady who did it said that it felt like a trampoline, and that she had to stretch my skin waaaayyyyy more than she ever had before. The placement is in the pic attached. Just choose where you place it carefully and let the tattoo artist know about that skin

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. And cool tattoo! That’s very pretty.


I have four tats,back of my shoulder,one ankle and one on each breast.I had my first two in my mid 20’s in the 80’s and last two in the 90’s so mine are not new. I hadn’t heard of EDS when I got mine.That was years in the future.(not the problems just the DX),but I never had one issue with my tats healing at all,in fact I healed faster than most people. My first two were long before thin line tats were around or vibrant colors so their thick lined and just basic colors of red,black & yellow. Just do everything your artist recommends for maximum healing as far as creams,lotions and do’s & dont’s. If really in doubt you could ask a Dermatologist who has some knowledge on EDS IF you could find one. Best of luck!!!

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