Eczema that won't go away!

Hi all -
I have hypermobility type EDS and dyshidrotic eczema on my hands (it’s the type that starts with tiny blisters and then turns into the more classic itchy dry rash). I’ve had it for 6 years and decided it was time to try to get rid of it. I’ve been on the strongest steroid cream you can get by prescription to no avail, so my dermatologist has me doing phototherapy. My hands are exposed to concentrated UVB light 3 times a week. I’m on week 4 of 6 and things seem to be getting worse not better (and I’m still using the steroid cream).

I can’t find anything in academic research about EDS and eczema, but it seems like a lot of us struggle with it. Has anyone done phototherapy before? Did it help? Do you have any other suggestions for me? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Donna,
Bless you, I know what your going through. Dermatologist says I have dermatitis on my neck and hair line. I’ve been using essential oils. Rotating davana oil with something like Aragon oil and using it twice a day. On the odd day, I use pure lavender oil twice a day. Looks better than it has in a long time. I also bath in goat milk soap, the lavender center.
The lavender is also great for migraines.
Hope this works for you. I buy my oils on Amazon and try to get organic.
Let me know if you see results too.

I have been on Eucrisa for about a year now and I think it works great! It doesn’t thin out your skin like steroid creams do and it seems to work overnight! I still have some issues now and then, but my hands are no longer bleeding and cracking so no complaints here!