New York area help

I’m looking for some help for a friend of mine. She was diagnosed within the last two years, but clearly has been dealing with EDS for much longer. She is located in the suburbs of New York City.

Here are some of her needs. She’s looking for a doctor who specializes in EDS. Could be private pay only but obviously someone who takes insurance would be better.

She’s looking for a doctor who could investigate possible (likely in my opinion) gastroparesis.

If you don’t want to post names, please private message me. Sorry to make a personal plea here. Actually, maybe we should start a doctor list like many of the other Ben’s Friends sites have. If people from other geographic areas are interested in this, let me know that as well.

Sharon from ModSupport

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I would be interested! currently in the greater Boston area for doctors. Sorry I can’t be much help for your friend.

Thanks for the response. I did find a list for Connecticut, probably partially outdated, but that may be of interest to you. I can see if I can send it to you as a private message. Let me know if you’re interested

Sharon from ModSupport