NJ Geneticist recommendation needed - for diagnosis (central NJ)

Hello, brand new user to this group. Thanks for letting me join!

My daughter just turned 15yrs old, diagnosed with POTs & a few other minor things. Diagnosis of pots was about 4 years ago. Passed out about 5 or 6 times, almost seizure like, but tested by neurologist, and saw cardiologisst, definitely not seizure, it is pots.

Happened again this weekend, passed out, and a lady was a witness & mentioned EDS to me. When my daughter came to, she noticed some ‘markers’, asked her questions if she could do certain things & answers were yes to most.

So now looking for a geneticist in central NJ area.
We live in Flemington, Hunterdon County. Could travel up to an hour, but would prefer local if possible.
Insurance is United Healthcare & would need them to take insurance, and preferable not a long wait for new patients!

One person recommended Dr Day-Salvatore in New Brunswick, NJ, who look good maybe?
Dr Day-Salvatore link

I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any responses on this. Have you done a search on this site? You can use the magnifying glass on the top to put in the search term. Otherwise, if the recommendation comes from a trusted source, you may just want to move forward.

I see that there is a resource here but it didn’t specifically list geneticists.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thank you. I did search before I posted, but saw no posts on this subject.

I actually looked first to see if there were files listing geneticists by state, as it seems most people end up going to geneticists for final diagnosis rather than rheumatologist in the end. Did not see any files or resources like that though. :frowning:
Maybe a suggestion for the future?

I guess I will contact the Dr I mentioned, although only one person I do not know mentioned this Dr. She looks good on paper, & the person had used her & liked her, but it was just one stranger.

Thank you.