TMJ - Temporomandibular disorder

Hi there, I have been plagued with jaw dislocations for a long long time, and it finally has worn me down so I was referred to the hospital dental department where they have made me a brace to wear at night. It is a horrible thing and I can’t even close my mouth or talk. It is so alien to my mouth and does not feel right that I haven’t worn it yet. He kept talking about teeth grinding which I don’t do, and that is not the reason why my jaw is painful. So, will this brace help or not?? I am confused.

I have had TMJ on both sides of my jaw and I got treatment for years. I had to wear a splint during the day and one at night. I can’t imagine that just wearing one at night would help all that much because your muscles would just go right back to where they started during the day. I do admit that the one that I had to wear at night was incredibly uncomfortable, but it really helped. My jaw was dislocated for over a month before and since treatment, I haven’t had any more issues. If you are lucky enough to have the financial capability, I would highly recommend going to Columbus, Ohio, and going to see Dr. Shankland. He specializes in TMJ and he did an amazing job. He was super kind and really cares about his patients. He is known around the world and he has even treated some royalty from other countries! If you want more contact information let me know!

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I live in lil old NZ. Not enough known about EDS here!